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Randy Miller, American drummer (The Myriad), died from bone cancer he was ,39

Randall “Randy” J. Miller  was an American musician and drummer for the Seattle-based band, The Myriad died from bone cancer he was ,39.

(February 9, 1971 – November 5, 2010)

Miller was born in Long Beach, California, on February 9, 1971, to parents, Jack and Jayne Miller.[1] He moved to Redding, California, in 1985 with his family.[1] Miller graduated from Central Valley High School in Redding in 1989.[1] He initially owned and operated Metolius Construction, a concrete business, with business partner, Tommy Carlson, before leaving to join The Myriad in 2006.[1][2]
The Myriad, which included Miller as drummer and lead vocalist Jeremy Edwardson, who was also a 1997 alumae of Central Valley High School, rose to success after winning MTV’s Dew Circuit Breakout Band of the Year in December 2007.[1] Their 2008 sophomore album,With Arrows, With Poise, was released shortly afterward after being mastered at Abbey Road Studios.[1]
Miller was diagnosed with chondrosarcoma, form of bone cancer, in 2008, the same year that With Arrows, With Poise was released.[1] He underwent treatments, including chemotherapy.[1] His condition improved enough that he was able to tour with The Myriad during the Fall of 2009.[1]
Randy Miller died at his home in Redding, California, on November 5, 2010, at the age of 39.[1] He was survived by his wife, Kristyn Miller; their two children – Conor and Gillian.[1]

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