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The Secret Millionaire, ideal is paying it forward

The Secret Millionaire is paying it forward“. The term is used to describe the concept of giving, with no expectations. The overall goal is that the gift you gave creates a (action) that creates a (reaction) from the person that receive the gift to want to give as well. The ideal of paying it forward merely applies the concept that you give a stranger a gift, and the person that received the gift instead of paying back the debt, he pays it forward by giving the gift to someone he choose and that person should repeat the cycle!
The Secret Millionaire is paying it forward in a different way, you see the show kind of skips the cycle, because the millionaire finds people that have already been giving or (paying in) and they jump in the cycle and (give a monetary gift) and pay it forward!
In 2008 when I first watched the Secret Millionaire, I loved the show and the concept. Unfortunately when it was cancelled, I figured that many people just did not get show…
Now 2011 ABC bring back the Secret Millionaire. The show did not lose anything when it transferred from FOX to ABC except it probably gained a few more fans. One thing that always stands out is that the Secret Millionaire finds people that have dedicated their lives to helping others and blessed them.

The motivational speaker James Malinchak was the latest millionaire to appear on SM. Through all the shows that I have seen, James by far paid it forward on a different level!!! The light that was shined on Gary, Indiana, showed that it was a depressed town with a high crime rate… Coach Tony and his wife had dedicated themselves to their basketball program to help young girls. The other family that they showed story were all dedicated to the same cause, and that was helping someone!
James broke the mold when he paid it forward; he gave Tony and his wife $50,000 dollars to help with their sport program. As I watched James fight back the tears I found myself fighting back tears as well! Then James called Tony a friend and gave him an additional $25,000 dollars for himself.
Pay it forward, I just did… 

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