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Frank Alesia, American actor (Pajama Party, Riot on Sunset Strip, C’mon, Let’s Live a Little), died from natural causes he was , 65.

Frank Alesia  was an American actor and television director died from natural causes he was , 65.. Alesia was best known for his work in the beach party film genre during the 1960s, including Pajama Party in 1964 and Riot on Sunset Strip in 1967.[1] He later directed episodes of the American childrens’ show, Captain Kangaroo, and other television series.[1]

(January 4, 1944 – February 27, 2011)

Alesia, who was born in Chicago, Illinois,[2] moved from Chicago to Los Angeles in 1964.[1] According to the Hollywood Reporter, Alesia became one of the last character actors in the film industry to work under the studio system, which was declining at the time.[1] He appeared in several beach party films of the 1960s, including Pajama Party, Bikini Beach, which starred Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello, Riot on Sunset Strip and Beach Blanket Bingo.[1] His television credits as an actor also included appearances in The Flying Nun, The Odd Couple, Gomer Pyle, That Girl, Room 222 and Laverne & Shirley.[1]
Alesia later directed episodes of Captain Kangaroo, which earned him a Daytime Emmy nomination in 1979.[1] He also joined the crew of Laverne & Shirley beginning in 1980 as both a screenwriter and television director.[2] Ultimately, Alesia directed three episodes of Laverne & Shirley, wrote one episode, and served as an executive consultant for eight episodes of the show.[2]
Alesia left the entertainment industry. He raced and bred thoroughbred horses during his later life.[1]
Frank Alesia died of natural causes at his home in Carlsbad, California, on February 27, 2011, at the age of 65.[1][2] He was survived by his wife, Sharon, and two children, Dore and Eden Alpert.[1]

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