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Who is Bianca Tai?

Who is Bianca Tai? The entertainment and cheer-leading world knows her as Bianca La Russa. La Russa, is a dancer who just made the Oakland Raiders cheer-leading team.
Bianca Russa father is “Tony” La Russa, Jr. he is a Major League Baseball manager for the St. Louis Cardinals.

La Russa has two older sister Andrea and Averie. They were from her Tony La Russa’s when he was married to Luzette Sarcone from 1965–1973.
La Russa and second wife Elaine had Bianca & Devon, and the family reside in Alamo, California.

LaRussa are the founders of Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation, headquartered in Walnut Creek, California, which saves abandoned and injured animals as well as running programs to bring dog and cat visits to abused children, hospital patients, seniors and shut-ins. La Russa is also a vegetarian.[14]

Bianca La Russa, is proud that she is an Oakland Raiderette as of last week and she’s living the dream. That is, she tweeted “A goal and a dream come true – I’m a 2011 Raiderette! I’m so excited to rep an organization that does so much good.”


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