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MS-1, Mexican professional wrestler, died from a car accident he was 55

Pablo Fuentes Reyna  was a Mexican luchador (Spanish for professional wrestler) best known under the ring name MS-1 (MS Uno) died from a car accident he was 55.. As MS-1, Fuentes was a founding member of the wrestling group called Los Infernales (the Infernals) and achieved most of his success as part of the group, including being the first-ever Mexican National Trios Champions and the first-ever CMLL World Trios Champions. Fuentes’ son is also a professional wrestler working as MS-1, Jr. or MS-Jr.

(December 31, 1956 – January 12, 2012)

Professional wrestling career

Reyna made his professional wrestling debut on July 12, 1978 at the age of 21, wrestling under his real name Pablo Fuentes. Within a year the rookie began working for Empressa Mexicana de Lucha Libre (EMLL), Mexico’s largest professional wrestling promotion. EMLL decided that Fuentes needed a different ring persona and created the character “MS-1” for him; MS refers to a Mexican Antiterrorist corps where MS-1 is the highest rank.[4] Fuentes was teamed up with another wrestler who was given the name “MS-2”, both of them adopted identical masks and outfits, only differentiated by the “1” and “2” on their tights.[4]
In March 1979 MS-1 and MS-2 made their in ring debut. while Fuentes
showed great in-ring skill, MS-2 did not seem to progress as fast as
Fuentes and was phased out in less than a year allowing “MS-1” to work
as a singles wrestler. In his first scripted feud MS-1 faced off against
Rayo de Jalisco, Jr. in a series of heated matches, culminating in a Luchas de Apuestas
match, a “bet match” where each competitor wagered his mask. On July 2,
1982 MS-1 lost the match and was forced to unmask per Lucha Libre
traditions; the loss of the mask did not hinder his popularity any,
partly because the mask was described as “very ugly” and partly because
Fuentes was a good looking man.[1][4] After the storyline with Rayo de Jalisco, Jr. ended MS-1 was paired up with Sangre Chicana
in a very heated feud that often saw one or both men end the match with
blood all over their face. The end of the storyline between MS-1 and
Sangre Chicana saw Chicana defeate MS-1 in a Luchas de Apuestas match, after which MS-1 had all his hair shaved off.[1]

Los Infernales

In the early 1980s the |trios concept became very popular in Mexico, spearheaded by the trio called Los Misioneros de Muerte (the Missionaries of death) who worked for a rival promotion. EMLL decided to create a trio of villains, or Rudos as they’re called in Lucha Libre, to capitalize on the popularity. MS-1 was teamd up with El Satánico and Espectro, Jr. to form Los Infernales
(the Infernals). Espectro, Jr. was forced to retire due to injuries not
long after Los Infernales were formed; he was replaced with Pirata Morgan and the trio of MS-1, Satánico and Pirata Morgan quickly became one of the most successful Trios of its time.[1] In addition to success as a team, MS-1 also saw singles success as he won the NWA World Light Heavyweight Championship from Ringo Mendoza on February 12, 1985 only to turn around and lose it to Rayo de Jalisco, Jr. on June 21 that same year.[5] In March 1985 Los Infernales participated in a tournamtn to determine the first ever Mexican National Trios Champions; Los Infernales defeated three teams to qualify for the finals.[6] In the finals Los Infernales defeated Los Brazos (“the Arms”; El Brazo, Brazo de Oro and Brazo de Plata) to become the first ever Mexican National Trios champions.[7]
That match was just the first match in a long running Inferlanes/Brazos
storyline that would run off and on over the next decade. Los Brazos
won the initial feud when they defeated Los Infernales for the Mexican
Nations Trios Title on December 8, 1985.[7]
In October, 1986 Pirata Morgan left the group to form a new group
called “Los Bucaneros”, in his place Los Infernales recruited Masakre to be their third member.
On March 20, 1987 MS-1 defeated his longtime rival Rayo de Jalisco,
Jr. to one again win the NWA World Light Heavyweight Championship.[5] Six days later MS-1 and Masakre teamed up to defeat Los Hermanos Dinamita (Cien Caras and Máscara Año 2000) to win the Mexican National Tag Team Championship, starting a feud with Los Hermanos Dinamita.[8]
The feud with Los Hermanos Dinamita saw Cien Caras defeat MS-1 for the
NWA World Light Heavyweight Championship on June 24, 1987, ending MS-1’s
reign after just three months.[5] MS-1 and Masakre defended the Mexican National Tag Team titles for just over a year until losing them to Atlantis and Ángel Azteca on April 6, 1988.[8]
El Satánico left Los Infernales as he began focusing more on singles
matches and MS-1 and Masakre began arguing, then fighting after the two
of them lost the tag team titles thus ending Los Infernales. MS-1 and
Masakre faced off in a series of matches, culminating with a headline Luchas de Apuestas match at Arena Mexico that MS-1 won.
In the early 1990s Los Infernales reformed, reuniting MS-1, Satánico
and Pirata Morgan. The trio participated in the tournament to crown the
first ever CMLL World Trios Champions.
Los Infernales won the tournament, defeating Los Brazo in the finals to
become the first ever CMLL World Trios Champions on November 22, 1991.[7] Former Infernales member Masakre had formed his own group, Los Intocables (the Untouchables) consisting of himself, Pierroth, Jr. and Jaque Mate
(Checkmate). Los Intocables were immediately paired with Los Infernales
to create a Rudos vs. Rudos storyline, playing off both the
championship chase and the history between the two groups. On March 22,
1992 Los Intocables won the CMLL World Trios Title, however Los
Infernales got the final victory in their feud as they defeated Los
Intocables for the championship on September 20, 1992.[7]
After the storyline with Los Intocables ended Los Infernales renewed
their rivalry with Los Brazo, facing off in several main events that
drew sell-out crowds all over Mexico. On April 6, 1993 Los Brazo won the
CMLL World Trios Title from Los Infernales; a victory that only helped
increase the intensity of the rivalry. The Infernales / Brazos feud did
not so much with a conclusive victory for either side but rather slowed
down and then stopped when Los Infernales split up in the mid 1990s.
Both Satánico and Pirata Morgan left CMLL for periods of time to work
for Asistencia Asesoría y Administración, CMLL’s main rival and in 1996 MS-1 left CMLL for good.
After leaving CMLL Fuentes became a wrestling promoter, promoting shows in smaller arenas around Naucalpan, while also forming a new Los Infernales trio on the Mexican Independent circuit,
teaming with his son who wrestled as “MS-1, Jr.” and “MS-2”, who was
often played by various local wrestlers and not one specific person.[1] By the end of the 1990s MS-1 quietly retired from wrestling.


On January 12, 2012, Fuentes died in a car accident in Huamantla, Tlaxcala.[2][3]

In wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves

Championships and accomplishments

  • Other titles
  • Distrito Federal Heavyweight Championship (1 time)[10]

Lucha de Apuesta record

Wager Winner Loser Location Date Notes
Hair Rey Misterio MS-1 Tijuana, Baja California Unknown
Mask Rayo de Jalisco Jr. MS-1 Mexico City, D.F. July 2, 1982 [4]
Hair Tie MS-1 and Gran Jalisco Mexico City, D.F. July 23, 1982 Both wrestlers lose their hair
Hair Sangre Chicana MS-1 Mexico City, D.F. September 23, 1983 [4]
Hair Sangre Chicana MS-1 Mexico City, D.F. September 21, 1984
Hair Pirata Morgan MS-1 Mexico City, D.F. July 4, 1986
Hair MS-1 El Egipcio Mexico City, D.F. February 27, 1987
Hair MS-1 Herodes Mexico City, D.F. April 15, 1988
Hair MS-1 Negro Navarro Unknown 1988
Hair MS-1 Masakre Mexico City, D.F. June 1988
Mask/Hair Atlantis and El Satánico MS-1 and Tierra Viento y Fuego Mexico City, D.F. September 22, 1989 [11]
Hair El Faraón and Ringo Mendoza MS-1 and Masakre Mexico City, D.F. September 7, 1990
Hair Pirata Morgan MS-1 Mexico City, D.F. March 15, 1991
Hair Masakre MS-1 Mexico City, D.F. December 15, 1991
Hair El Faraón MS-1 Mexico City, D.F. July 3, 1992
Hair Cien Caras MS-1 Tonala, Jalisco August 13, 1993
Hair Pirata Morgan MS-1 Mexico City, D.F. September 29, 1994
Hair Héctor Garza MS-1 Puebla, Puebla November 27, 1995

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