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Errol Scorcher, Jamaican reggae disc jockey, died from a ruptured blood vessel he was 55

Errol Scorcher was a Jamaican reggae deejay died from a ruptured blood vessel he was 55..

(born Errol Archer,[1] 1956 ā€“ January 19, 2012[2])


Scorcher worked as a deejay on several sound systems
from the early 1970s. Although his first single, “Leggo Mi Hand
Babylon” was not a commercial success, he had several hits in the
mid-1970s with tracks such as “Jolly Bus-Ting” and “Engineers Affair”.[3]
In 1978 his profile was raised further by his “Peace Truce” single,
which celebrated the armistice between rival political factions that
would culminate in the One Love Peace Concert.[3] The same year, Scorcher joined Nicodemus, Nigger Kojak, and Mother Liza on Prince Jammy‘s Tapetone sound system, which soon became Jamaica’s top system.[3] His first album, Rasta Fire, was also released on the United Artists offshoot Ballistic, on which he was backed by The Revolutionaries.[3] In 1979 he had a hit with “Roach in a De Corner” (on the “Real Rock” rhythm), which was followed by the similar “Frog In a Water” (on the “My Conversation” rhythm),[4] both songs appearing on his 1980 album Roach In A De Corner. He worked with Ansell Collins on a series off recordings including “Mosquitoes”, which was also a hit.[3] He also set up his own Scorcher label and began production work on both his own recordings and for artists such as Tony Tuff.[3]



  • Rasta Fire (1978) United Artists/Ballistic
  • Tony Tuff Meets Errol Scorcher (1978) Mal’s (split with Tony Tuff)
  • Roach In A De Corner (1980) Scorcher
  • Unity Showcase (1980) 12 Stars (Horace Andy and Errol Scorcher)


  • “Leggo Mi Hand Babylon”
  • “Jolly Bus-Ting”
  • “Engineers Affair”
  • “Peace Truce” (1978)
  • “Steppin” (1978) Ballistic
  • “Roach In a De Corner” (1979) Sir Collins
  • “Frog In A Water” (1979)
  • “Girls Be Careful”/”Roach in the Toilet” (1980), Scorcher
  • “Mosquitoes” (1980)
  • “Sounds of Hon. Marley” (1980) Dance Hall
  • “Rope In” Scorcher
  • “Borrow Man” Scorcher
  • “DJ Spirit” Scorcher
  • “Scorcher Possie” (1981) Volcano
  • “Under Me” (1981) Crazy Joe
  • “Wife & Sweetheart” (1981) Techniques
  • “Rude Boy Step”
  • “Letting Go”
  • “Prisoner In Love” (1983) Bridget International

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