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Joseph Noiret, French poet, died he was 84.

Joseph Noiret was a Belgian painter writer and poet  died he was 84.. He was also the founder of Cobra and Review Phantomas, and director of La Cambre long.[1][2]

(February 28, 1927 – January 17, 2012)

Early life

Noiret was born on February 28, 1927 in Belgium.
At the young age, as a student he wrote poems from 1944. He was
communist millitant and at age 20, joined the “Surrealism
revolutionary”, the adventure of the ephemeral. He met Christian
Dotremont, and in November 1948, in Paris during a conference he met
with several international revolutionary groups. He died on January 17,
2012 after suffering long illness. He was the father of choreographer
Michèle Noiret.[1]


Noiret is considered important figure in the field of art and culture of Belgium. He was the last of six founders of the Cobra movement to be alive. He also estalished the cult magazine “Phantomas” in 1953. He was the director of the long school La Cambre in Brussels.[1]
Noiret has wrritten many poems and articles for exhibitions and
reviews of Cobra. After the end of the movement in 1951, he went his own
way to make a new shape of Cobra and chose paths where literature was
that time at the forefront, without losing the link with the other arts.
Later he launched “Phantomas”.[1]
He was also a painter and he continued to mix with painters. His
collections of poetry were illustrated by him and by his artist friends
as like Mogens Balle, Maurice Wijckaert and Sergio Dangelo.[1]

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