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Winston Riley, Jamaican reggae musician and producer, died from complications of shooting he was 65

Winston Riley  was a Jamaican singer, songwriter and record producer  died from complications of shooting he was 65.. According to the Jamaica Gleaner, Riley had a claim to being the most successful reggae producer of all-time.[1]

(14 May 1943 – 19 January 2012)


Riley was born in Kingston, Jamaica.[2] His entry into the music industry was at the age of 16 in 1962, when he formed The Techniques harmony group, which recorded their first tracks for Byron Lee, and later recorded for Duke Reid.[1] In 1968, Riley left the group and formed his own Techniques record label, moving into production, producing artists like Boris Gardiner, The Escorts, Alton and Hortense Ellis, and Johnny Osbourne.[1][3] Riley’s own song, “Double Barrel“, performed by Dave and Ansell Collins under his own production, was one of the first international reggae hits, reaching number 1 in the Dutch and UK Singles Chart.[3]
His “Stalagriddim is the most sampled reggae song of all time. The rhythm was first released in 1973, as the instrumental Ansell Collins track “Stalag 17”, named after the World War II film of the same name. It reappeared later as “Stalag 18”, “Stalag 19”, “Stalag 20” and “Ring the Alarm Quick”.
Riley produced General Echo‘s hugely influential album The Slackest in 1979, and he went on to launch the careers of Sister Nancy, Buju Banton, Cutty Ranks, Lone Ranger and Frankie Paul.[3]
The band Widespread Panic recorded Echo’s song “Arlene”, and have performed many versions of it at their concerts.


On 1 November 2011, Winston was shot in the head at his home in
Kingston. According to police, he had been the subject of several
earlier attacks.[4] After being in a coma since the shooting, he died on 19 January 2012.[5]

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