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Bingham Ray, American independent film executive, died from complications from strokes he was 57

Bingham Ray  was an American independent film executive  died from complications from strokes he was 57.. He was a co-founder of indie film distributor October Films and president of United Artists from 2001 to 2004. At the time of his death, he was executive director of the San Francisco Film Society.[1][2]

(1 October 1954 – 23 January 2012)

As noted by the Independent Feature Project‘s Gotham Independent Film Awards, “New to the Gotham Awards this year [2012] is the Bingham Ray Award,
an award bestowed upon an emerging filmmaker whose work exemplifies a
distinctive creative vision and stylistic adventurousness that stands
apart from the mainstream and warrants championing. The goal is to bring
additional attention to new artists whose work could be seen as
conceivably joining the ranks of filmmakers championed by industry
veteran Bingham Ray, who died in January.”[3]

Oden Roberts, Director and Writer, “A Fighting Season” was awarded the SFFS KRF grant by Bingham in December of 2011.
Benh Zeitlin, director and co-writer of Beasts of the Southern Wild, was the inaugural recipient of the Bingham Ray Award.[4]

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