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Erik Haaest, Danish journalist and author, died he was 76.

Erik Haaest was a controversial Danish journalist died he was 76..[1]

(14 March 1935 – 23 January 2012) 

Haaest’s father was an active member of the Danish resistance.
After the war, his father refused to accept any awards from Denmark’s
post-war government, because many officials who had collaborated with
the Germans, were still unpunished, in positions of power and were now posing as anti-Nazis. Haaest is intimately familiar with the subjects of Danish resistance, and Danish pro-Nazi collaborators.
He has interviewed many Danish Waffen SS veterans,
and in typical journalist fashion, takes pains to document his claims
and name his sources. Perhaps as a result, attempts to discredit Haaest
have consisted mostly of innuendo and denial, rather than discussing
what – if anything – is wrong with the evidence he provides.
In 2007 the Danish Arts Council
was condemned for providing funding to Haaest for research into Danes
who served in the SS, on the grounds that Haaest had stated that the concentration camp gas chambers never existed and that the Diary of Anne Frank was a forgery.[2]

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