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Nick Santino, American actor, died from suicide by overdose he was 47

Nick Santino  was an American actor known primarily for his roles on soap operas, including Guiding Light and All My Children, and also appeared on Gossip Girl died from suicide by overdose he was 47..[1]

(24 January 1965 – 25 January 2012)


In 2010, Santino became embroiled in a dispute with the condominium board of 1 Lincoln Plaza, where he lived: a new policy forbade tenants from owning pit bull terriers. Although Santino’s pit bull Rocco was grandfathered in,
several restrictions were imposed on Rocco’s behavior, and Santino
complained about dog-related harassment from other tenants and from
building staff. On January 24, 2012, Santino had Rocco euthanized,
citing changes in Rocco’s behavior which he attributed to the
harassment and restrictions. Several hours later, Santino committed
suicide; his suicide note explained that he felt he had betrayed Rocco
(whom he had originally rescued from an animal shelter).[2] The condominium board subsequently denied any responsibility for Santino’s death.[3]

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