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Alfredo Avelín, Argentine politician, Governor of San Juan (1999–2002), died from multiple organ failure he was 84.

Alfredo Avelín was an Argentine politician, physician and author died from multiple organ failure he was 84.. He served as Governor of his province of San Juan and as a member of the Argentine Senate and Chamber of Deputies.

(1 May 1927 – 26 January 2012) 

Avelín was born in San Juan Province to parents of Lebanese descent. He earned a medical degree at the University of Córdoba, and later founded the Colegio Médico de la Provincia. Entering politics, he founded the Renewal Crusade party. He became Mayor of the provincial capital, San Juan, in 1958, and at the age of 31.
He was ultimately elected to the Argentine Chamber of Deputies in 1989, and to the Argentine Senate, in 1992.[1]
On 16 May 1999, Avelín was elected as governor of his province with 55%, heading the list of the Alliance for Work, Justice and Education, which would win the presidency of Argentina later the same year. He defeated the incumbent Governor, Jorge Escobar.
His period in office was marked by economic turbulence and public
unrest in San Juan, not unlike the country as a whole; by 2001,
provincial employees were not being paid, and the province was
Following the downfall of the government of President de la Rua, Avelín was a fierce opponent of the austerity measures proposed by the International Monetary Fund,
saying, “The only thing lacking for us is to pull down the Argentine
flag and replace it with the IMF’s.” In 2002, Avelín was impeached and
deposed as governor by a majority of provincial deputies following
massive demonstrations.[3]
Avelín considered running again for the governorship in 2007 against the incumbent, José Luis Gioja.[4] His daughter, Nancy Avelín, who also served as a senator, was eventually the candidate for the Renewal Crusade that year.
Alfredo Avelín died on 26 January 2012.[5]

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