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Veronica Carstens, German First Lady (1979–1984), died he was 84.

Veronica Carstens (née Prior)  was the wife of the German President Karl Carstens.[1][2]

(18 June 1923 – 25 January 2012)

She began medical studies in 1941, which she interrupted during the war to work as a nurse. In 1944 she married at Berlin-Tegel
Karl Carstens, whom she had met a year befor. Temporarily she was a
housewife. In 1956 she continued her medical studies, graduating in
From 1960 to 1968 she worked as a medical assistant and in 1968 she opened her medical practice in Meckenheim near Bonn.
Carstens was by profession a doctor of medicine, and she maintained
her practice throughout her husband’s tenure as president. She was a
strong advocate of naturopathy and homeopathy, and in 1982 the Carstens established the Carstens-Foundation (Carstens-Stiftung) – a major funder of alternative medicine research in Europe.[2][3] She was an honorary member of the Order of Saint John (Bailiwick of Brandenburg).[4]
She was widowed in 1992. After she had retired from public life in 2009, she lived in a sanitarium in Bonn.

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