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Did you know that 30 states have a city or town name Franklin?

Did you know that 38 different states have a city or town Greenville?

Did you know that CDP is a census designated place (CDP), which is a concentration of population identified?

Did you know that a town is a human settlement larger than a village but smaller than a city?

Greenville, Alabama city
Greenville, Alaska town
Greenville, Arkansas city
Greenville, California CDP
Greenville, Delaware CDP
Greenville, Florida town
Greenville, Georgia city
Greenville, Idaho town
Greenville, Illinois city
Greenville, Indiana town
Greenville, Iowa city
Greenville, Kentucky city
Greenville, Louisiana city
Greenville, Maine town
Greenville, Maryland town
Greenville, Massachusetts city
Greenville, Michigan city
Greenville, Mississippi city
Greenville, Missouri city
Greenville, Nevada town
Greenville, New Hampshire town
Greenville, New Jersey city
Greenville, New Mexico town
Greenville, Greene County, New York town
Greenville, Orange County, New York town
Greenville, Westchester County, New York CDP
Greenville, North Carolina city
Greenville, Ohio city
Greenville, Oklahoma town
Greenville, Pennsylvania borough
Greenville, Rhode Island CDP
Greenville, South Carolina city
Greenville, Texas city
Greenville, Utah town
Greenville, Virginia CDP
Greenville, Logan County, West Virginia CDP
Greenville, Monroe County, West Virginia CDP
Greenville, Wisconsin CDP

Did you know that 30 states have a city or town  name Franklin?

Franklin, Alabama town
Franklin, Arkansas town
Franklin, Connecticut town
Franklin, Georgia city
Franklin, Idaho city
Franklin, Illinois village
Franklin, Indiana city
Franklin, Iowa city
Franklin, Kansas town
Franklin, Kentucky city
Franklin, Louisiana town
Franklin, Maine town
Franklin, Massachusetts city
Franklin, Michigan village
Franklin, Minnesota city
Franklin, Missouri city
Franklin, Nebraska city
Franklin, New Hampshire city
Franklin, New Jersey borough
Franklin, Delaware County, New York village
Franklin, Franklin County, New York town
Franklin, North Carolina county
Franklin, North Carolina town
Franklin, Ohio city
Franklin, Cambria County, Pennsylvania borough
Franklin, Venango County, Pennsylvania city
Franklin, South Dakota town
Franklin, Tennessee city
Franklin, Texas city
Franklin, Vermont town
Franklin, Virginia city
Franklin, West Virginia town
Franklin, Wisconsin city

Did you know that 3 states have 29 cites or towns with the name of Bristol, Clinton or Springfield?

Place Type
Bristol, Colorado Unincorporated community
Bristol, Connecticut City
Bristol, Florida City
Bristol, Georgia City
Bristol, Illinois Unincorporated community
Bristol, Indiana Town
Bristol, Iowa Township
Bristol, Louisiana Populated place
Bristol, Maryland Unincorporated community
Bristol, Maine Town
Bristol, Michigan Unincorporated community
Bristol, Minnesota Township
Bristol, Missouri Populated place
Bristol, Nevada Ghost town
Bristol, New Hampshire Town
Bristol, New York Town
Bristol, Ohio Unincorporated community
Bristol, Pennsylvania Borough
Bristol Township, Pennsylvania Township
Bristol, Rhode Island Town
Bristol, South Dakota City
Bristol, Tennessee City
Bristol, Texas Community
Bristol, Vermont Town
Bristol, Virginia City
Bristol, Washington Community
Bristol, Dane County, Wisconsin Town
Bristol, Kenosha County, Wisconsin Town
Bristol, West Virginia Town

Clinton (29)

Place Type
Clinton, Arkansas city
Clinton, Connecticut town
Clinton, Illinois city
Clinton, Indiana city
Clinton, Iowa city
Clinton, Kentucky city
Clinton, Louisiana town
Clinton, Maine town
Clinton, Maryland CDP
Clinton, Massachusetts town
Clinton, Macomb County, Michigan CDP
Clinton, Lenawee County, Michigan village
Clinton, Minnesota city
Clinton, Mississippi city
Clinton, Missouri city
Clinton, Montana CDP
Clinton, Nebraska village
Clinton, New Jersey town
Clinton, Clinton County, New York town
Clinton, Dutchess County, New York town
Clinton, Oneida County, New York village
Clinton, North Carolina city
Clinton, Ohio village
Clinton, Oklahoma city
Clinton, South Carolina city
Clinton, Tennessee city
Clinton, Utah city
Clinton, Washington CDP
Clinton, Wisconsin village

Springfield (29)

Place Type
Springfield, Alabama town
Springfield, Arkansas town
Springfield, Colorado town
Springfield, Florida city
Springfield, Georgia city
Springfield, Illinois city
Springfield, Kentucky city
Springfield, Louisiana town
Springfield, Maine town
Springfield, Massachusetts city
Springfield, Michigan city
Springfield, Minnesota city
Springfield, Missouri city
Springfield, Nebraska city
Springfield, New Hampshire town
Springfield, New York town
Springfield, New Jersey CDP
Springfield, Ohio city
Springfield, Oregon city
Springfield, Pennsylvania CDP
Springfield, South Carolina town
Springfield, South Dakota city
Springfield, Tennessee city
Springfield, Vermont town
Springfield, Virginia CDP
Springfield, West Virginia CDP
Springfield, Wisconsin (Dane County) town
Springfield, Wisconsin (Jackson County) town[3]
Springfield, Wisconsin (Marquette County) town
Springfield, Wisconsin (St. Croix County) town
Springfield, Wisconsin (Walworth County) town

 Now if you didn’t know, now you know…

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